Hi and welcome to Pats Pet Services.

My name is Patrick .  Let me tell you a little about my background, my passion for our canine friends and how I can help you have a well adjusted and happy dog.
Since I was a small child I have always loved animals of all sorts.  But I felt an especially strong bond with abused and/or homeless animals. Throughout my childhood, I was always trying to protect the poor critters who could not protect themselves.  For instance, when I was in 3rd grade I was suspended from school for 3 days after hitting two boys who were throwing stones at a cornered and terrified dog.  I felt no guilt or remorse for what I did.  Luckily my parents felt the same and told me they understood why I did what I did and now they tell the story with pride.  
When a year later I was attacked by two dogs and had to go to the hospital with bites all over my legs (and had to endure some very scary looking injections). Luckily this had no negative impact on me (well except for the still present fear of needles!). I continued loving and treating dogs as I always had, even right after the attack. I am very happy that I did not develop a fear of these magnificent creatures back then.  I would have lost out on so much love and joy. This also enforces my belief that I am meant to be working with dogs. It is a real passion for me.  Despite dogs in general sharing some general characteristics, they are very much individuals like ourselves.  They have their own distinct personalities and because of that I learn something from every dog I meet.
My own practical experience with dogs has been as a long-time dog owner, dog trainer, dog masseur, and as someone who has been closely involved with dog rescues.  I have always loved the rewarding experience and challenge of helping dogs become better adjusted.  Seeing,  once fearful, anxious,  and/or aggressive dogs become confident, secure and happy is a great feeling.  For the last few years I owned and operated a 5 acre cage-free dog-boarding, doggie daycare and dog-training facility near Colorado Springs. (It was there that I really started to develop my dog massage skills once I realized how beneficial it was for them.)   I basically lived as leader of a very large dog pack for a few years. In the busy holiday seasons and summers the pack would be up to 45 dogs.  On average I'd guess around 25-30  dogs daily. It was hard work but very rewarding and a lot of fun.
What I learned about dogs in that period is invaluable.  After having sold my business in Colorado I relocated to California where I am now offering my dog training and dog massage services to clients in the Riverside area.  For lessons (as well as massage) I come to your home.  For working on behavioral issues the initial training sessions are best done at your home.  Later training sessions can also take place at a dog park or any other area where your dog shows behavioral issues.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.